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DA20/0860 modifes the western part of the Haul Road approved in DA05/0004.03 (2008/2013)

Existing DA 05/0004.03 (2008/2013) allows fill to be transported by truck to the Turnock Precinct over an approved haul road

The Temporary Haul Road DA replaces the western part of approved haul road which was approved as part of DA 05/0004.03

The new route of the western part of the haul road:

  • Avoids SEPP Coastal Wetlands vegetation (which would be impacted by the original approved route);

  • Largely follows the route of Turnock Street extension which is agreed with Council and is shown in the adopted KLP

  • Gales preferred route over 200m to the south was rejected by Council after Gales presentation to Council on 27 July 2017

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