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CP07 Kingscliff Illustrative Masterplan Rev V_edited.jpg


The LFA Gales Masterplan covers 215 hectares of residential, mixed use, business, community, eco tourism, parks and recreational lake planned for development

The Gales Masterplan covers Gales 214ha landholdings in Kingscliff, Chinderah and Cudgen. 

The Masterplan identifies future residential, mixed use, retail, commercial, tourist and community uses and the Business and Knowledge Precinct including a business park, retail centre and civic square.

Gales strategy over the next 2 years is to finalise the development and conservation footprint for Kingscliff so there is certainty over what lands will be developed and what will be retained as parklands and conservation. Critical to achieve this are the revised Drainage Strategy which Gales is working on in coordination with Council and the Biodiversity Conservation Assessment Report (BCAR) and Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement being prepared in accordance with the Biodiversity Conservation Act. 


In 2020 Gales submitted a detailed Masterplan as part of a Planning Proposal which was not accepted by Council or the Regional Planning Panel largely due to differences with the Council adopted DCP 2020. In November 2022 Gales submitted a revised Masterplan which significantly reflects the DCP and Gales is now working with Council to achieve a final outcome via an agreed Masterplan and Concept DAs.

Below you can view both the latest Gales Masterplan 2022 and the previous Gales Masterplan 2020 which shows greater precinct detail breakdown.

Masterplan 2022

Shedd Sportsfields.PNG
Sportsfields key.PNG

Public Parks within Precincts

Shedd Parks.PNG

Current zonings under Tweed LEP 2014

Zonings Proposed in the Gales Planning Proposal 2020 - under review 2023

TLEP current land zonings.PNG
Proposed Zonings.PNG
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