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The New Link Road, approved and funded now, will relieve traffic congestion and provide a direct link between Tweed Coast Road and Marine Parade



1.2 New Link Road graphic.jpg

The New Link Road will:

Provide a direct link between Tweed Coast Road and Marine Parade


Relieve traffic congestion, especially once the hospital opens in 2023 

Be built on Gales land

Separate development to the north and environmental conservation to the south

Follow the route and design Council and Gales have agreed on


The problem is that Council plans to build the New Link Road only after around 2030.

See report and extracts from Bitzios Traffic Assessment 2021 below the Survey


Do you want the New Link Road as soon as possible?
Do you want the Council and/or the NSW Government to expedite approval, funding and construction of the New Link Road?

Your comments

Gales will send the results of this Survey to all Councillors and relevant NSW Members of Parliament.

If this matter is important to you then you should inform Councillors and local Member.

Please complete fields marked with an asterisk * in order to verify authenticity of survey responses

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Bitzios graph.PNG

Above: Bitzios Traffic Analysis (2021) for Cudgen Road

KLP New Link Road.png

Above: New Link Road

Graphic from Council KLP DCP 2020 p227

‘.. the primary gateway entrance into Kingscliff from the Tweed Coast  Road …a character defining collector  road integrating cycle and pedestrian movement,  parking, shade and lighting with landscaping including street trees’ 

Extracts from Bitzios Traffic Assessment 2021

Hospital graphic.png
Car graphic.png
Car graphic.png
New Link Road - Bitizos Graph.PNG
Ambulance graphic.png
Liunk graphic.png
Car graphic.png

‘The link road would greatly reduce traffic capacity issues on Cudgen Road, which will occur irrespective of the Gales development and be exacerbated by the opening of the Hospital in 2023.’  (Bitzios Traffic Assessment August 2021)

‘The proposed link road, widening Tweed Coast Road to four lanes, and intersection upgrades are all required to ameliorate future capacity issues associated with anticipated growth within Kingscliff including the Hospital.’

‘By 2023 following the opening of the Hospital, Cudgen Road is expected to reach its theoretical capacity as the only road connection for traffic between Tweed Coast Road and Kingscliff.’

'Improve emergency vehicle access to the Hospital by reducing through traffic volumes and associated delays at Cudgen Road intersections.’

‘The early construction of the link road would provide significant immediate benefits to local road capacity, reduce congestion and ameliorate safety and amenity impacts associated with significant ongoing traffic growth forecast for the surrounding road network. This will subsequently greatly improve access to residences and businesses in Kingscliff Village with consequent commercial / employment benefits.’

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