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Sugar Mill Park South_#1A_07.jpg


Gales Masterplan proposes the creation of wonderful new parklands for Kingscliff

Sugar Mill Park South

Below Tweed Valley Hospital
Graphic on photo of actual trees


Gales Parklands are nestled between Tweed Coast Road and Tweed Valley Hospital. A hidden jewel in Gales stewardship, they will be opened to the public if made into parklands, with linking trails to enjoy nature, for quiet walking and for exercise with wide grassed areas, pocket parks, picnic and seating opportunities, and exercise stations. The parklands will become a wonderful public asset abutting high quality Ecological Conservation areas.

Sugar Mill Rainforest Park and Track: Nature, walking and cycling trails, open grassy areas that are perfect for play, pocket parks for picnics, seats and exercise stations.

Quigan Park: Shaded open space with enough room for kids to kick a ball. A quiet alternative to the beach.

A Survey undertaken by Gales in late 2020 received over 240 responses, with 84% stating that Kingscliff needs more parks and the overwhelming majority favoring the creation of Sugar Mill Parklands and Quigan Park. See below for more information and the Survey Results Report.

Quigan Park_#3A_05.jpg

Above: Quigan Park, south of Turnock Street
Graphic on photo of actual trees

Sugar Mills Park North_#2A_02_edited.jpg

Sugar Mill Park North, located just west of Tweed Coast Road opposite Kingscoast

Graphic on photo of actual trees


Location of Sugar Mill Park North and South, and Rainforest Track,
surrounded by Ecological Conservation areas

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