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Beautifying Kingscliff with Active Parklands

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Sugar Mill Parklands


Images below: Sugar Mill Park South, Sugar Mill Park North and Sugar Mill Rainforest Track

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Sugar Mills Park North_#2A_02.jpg
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Sugar Mill Park is situated east of Tweed Coast Road between Cudgen Village and the new Tweed Valley Hospital.  The concept underlying the parklands is a series of trails for walkers and cyclists, exercise stations, central grass areas, pocket parks, picnic and seating opportunities.


The parklands will retain existing trees and the adjacent bushland will be protected as Ecological Conservation lands.  

The idea behind the name ‘Sugar Mill Park’ is to acknowledge the historical importance of the Cudgen Sugar Mill Archaeological site on the adjacent high land, which is a point of significance weaving in the earlier history of Kingscliff and can provide a café and car parking.

Quigan Park

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Gales Masterplan for Kingscliff with Sugar Mill Regional Parklands circled in red and Quigan Park circled in yellow

Where natural beauty and modern life converge

The parklands for Kingscliff proposed by Gales, currently in Gales ownership, are central and convenient to existing and future residents,

and provide a wonderful rainforest and shaded experience quite different to the existing open beachside more linear parks in Kingscliff. 


The parklands are an outstanding opportunity to benefit current and future residents and staff, patients and visitors of the Tweed Valley Hospital.

We invite you to scroll this site and take the survey at the end. 

We welcome your comments.

Quigan Park_#3A_05.jpg

Quigan Park is located between Quigan Street and the proposed town centre extension along Turnock Street. This park will enhance the liveability and amenity for the new residential and mixed use development and for current residents in the area. This park, with shaded open space, a kickabout area and adjacent dense rainforest, will provide a quiet retreat from the bustling main street and coastal foreshore.


This park, which is currently slashed grassland, will not require the removal of any vegetation and will create a fire break from the otherwise continuous vegetation to Tweed Coast Road thereby reducing the fire hazzard to the Kingscliff CBD and residences.

Click through photos of parklands as they are today 

Active Open Green Spaces

Shaded Rainforest Nature Walks

Family Friendly Safe Parks

Rainforest Track_#1_04.jpg

Maps below show limited parks and extensive bushland in the area

SM cut.JPG





Tick image.JPG
Tick image.JPG

Nature for people to use and enjoy

Parks such as Gales are rare to non-existent in the area. Gales envisions wonderful parklands, with adjoining bushland conservation areas.



but no


Cross X image.JPG
Tick image.JPG

Access restricted to paths, no open vistas


Council's Kingscliff Locality Plan envisions more bushland, which is already extensive along

the Tweed Coast.

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Parklands - current parks in Kingscliff.

In this Council map the green areas indicate existing parks and sportsfields in Kingscliff - mainly along the coastal strip.

Council wants the areas circled in orange to be more bushland with restricted access, rather than active parks for Kingscliff residents to enjoy.

Parklands bushland in Tweed.JPG

In this Council map the green areas indicate bushland. Despite the large area of bushland Council wants the areas circled in red to be bushland, rather than parklands for the community to use and enjoy.

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This Survey ended on 9 October 2020 in order to collate results.
You may still submit a response but it will not be included in the official results.

Kingscliff Parklands Survey

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