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Development Applications and Construction Certificates

Gales lodged the following Development Applications and Construction Certificate in 2020:

  • Altona Fill DA - Development Application to assist cattle grazing operations and future land fill operations

  • Haul Road DA - Development Application for the western part of the Haul Road to transport fill to the approved Turnock Street Precinct

  • Turnock Fill & Haul Road CC - Construction Certificate to enable Turnock Street Precinct to be filled consistent with approved DA 05/0004.03

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Development Applications

Gales plans to lodge the following Development Applications in 2021:

  • Turnock Street Extension DA - Development Application for the construction of the Turnock Street extension from Tweed Coast Road to Elrond Drive 

  • Quigan Street DA - Development Application for final land uses south south of Turnock Street including development, conservation and Quigan Park 

  • Cudgen Precinct DA - Development Application for the filling of Cudgen Precinct in accordance with the Masterplan

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