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Inspire the Vision

Welcome to Gales Community Consultation Website

Gales invites you to be part of
inspiring the Vision 

With 100 hectares of prime land planned to be developed into residential, mixed use, eco tourism, school, roads and a Business and Knowledge Precinct, and 108 hectares planned to be open space combining conservation, retained parklands new parks and lake, there will be an excellent mix of top quality development along with expansive areas of parks and nature

We appreciate inspiring, interesting and innovative input into the Gales vision for a wonderful future Kingscliff

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Turnock Extension Survey


New Kingscliff Parklands

The parklands for Kingscliff proposed by Gales, currently in Gales ownership, are central and convenient to existing and future residents,

and provide a wonderful rainforest and shaded experience quite different to the existing open beachside more linear parks in Kingscliff. 


The parklands are an outstanding opportunity to benefit current and future residents and staff, patients and visitors of the Tweed Valley Hospital.

For more information click here.

Gales Masterplan & Planning Proposal


Development Applications & CCs

Click here to view Gales Development Applications and Construction Certificate details.

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